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1) Please pray that we will understand and accurately assess   the  needs of the Church in Brazil and that each of
  our projects  will effectively support her growth and maturity.

2) Please pray for wisdom as we attempt to spot and select local church pastors who need additional biblical and
  leadership training.

3) Please pray that God will raise fellow laborers who share our vision and wish to partner with us in sharing the
Gospel of Christ to all Brazilians and training pastors for ministry and service.

4) Please pray that we will be able to recruit, mobilize and equip many Brazilians to become involved in global

5) Please pray that God will use our ministries to awaken the Brazilian church to mature in her love for Christ and
be able to send and support missionaries to the French- and Portuguese-speaking regions of Africa.


1) Please pray that the Brazilian Church will be firmly rooted in the Word, that the Lord will preserve the purity of
the Gospel, and that the Word will be faithfully preached, untainted by the “wealth & prosperity” gospel, syncretism
and secularism that are so prevalent in Latin American churches.

2) Please pray that established and more mature local churches will be able commission evangelists and leaders to the unreached and unchurched areas so that the Gospel will be spread throughout the entire country.

3) Please pray that 80 Brazilian local church leaders will have the opportunity to attend the CAL (“Call to Awaken
the Laymen”) Seminar.

4) Please pray that pastors will be freed from the burdens of having two jobs to support themselves and their
families, and for increased financial support for (and financial stability and prosperity of) the Brazilian church.

5) Please pray that as we visit local churches in Brazil, God will use us as a catalyst for forging prayer groups
committed to global missions.


1) Please pray that each pastor, layman and youth in the Korean-Brazilian churches will have a fervent passion for God and His purposes.

2) Please pray that the Lord will restore the hearts of Korean-Brazilians to become passionate about the Great
Commission and that He will unite the local churches in and through this common vision.

3) Please pray that the Korean-Brazilian churches will be able to nurture, support and be committed to meeting the spiritual needs of the Korean-Brazilian youth who are in desperate and critical need of guidance after several years of neglect .


1) Please pray that SRCC will mature into a church fully committed to serving Christ and the world in faithful
response to the Great Commission.

2) Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to each person worshipping at SRCC, bring
transformation, restoration, and healing in their lives.

3) Please pray for unity and love among SRCC’s pastors, staff and lay leaders in their service to God and His people.

4) Please pray that as SRCC continues to grow, God will provide creative solutions to problems related to
insufficient parking spaces and educational facilities.

5) Please pray that the Holy Spirit will minister to all participants of discipleship training programs and Bible study
groups and bless them with true transformation through the Gospel.


1) Please pray that the Lord will help Edward and Anne to use their talents/strengths as they serve the Brazilian
church, and that each of their weaknesses will be protected, covered, healed and transformed through the Gospel.

2) Please pray that the Lord will nurture a deeper spirituality in Edward and Anne so that all of their words,
thoughts and deeds will be subject to God’s authority and control.

3) Please pray for Edward and Anne’s health and safety as they journey long distances to visit churches located in
remote areas of the country.

4) Please pray that the Lord will gift each member of their family with blessed relationships and that all of them will be able to faithfully live out their respective callings.

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